biografía + declaración de arte

i was born and raised in southern california, particularly around the san fernando valley, in the greater los angeles area. 

we moved a few times within california when i was a younger, attending eight different schools and living in ten homes by the time i graduated high school. but being mobile really stuck with me and i really enjoy exploring new areas + places, collecting trinkets as i go along.

outside of art, of course, i enjoy hiking local areas and roaming around in new places. i haven't traveled much but the domestic travel i have experienced has been very enjoyable. i hope to extend that travel in the future. it's fun to exist in new places and wander, unnoticed, in crowds of people.

my work has been shown nationally in places such as the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California, at Fountain Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida, at Birdsong Nature Center in Thomasville, Georgia, at Baltimore Clayworks in Baltimore, Maryland, in La Plaza de la Raza in Los Angeles, California, and at Cocina de Humo Gallery in Puebla, Mexico.

land acknowledgment

i would like to use this platform to acknowledge the lands i have lived in or visited frequently throughout my life. these lands were already occupied by their original peoples before being subjugated first by the spanish/europeans, next by the mexican empire (applies only to southwestern united states), and finally by the american government.

the santa clarita valley, california was occupied by the tataviam and chumash peoples; el municipio de tuxpan en el sur de jalisco, mexico was occupied by the p'urhépechas; the san fernando valley, california was occupied by tataviam, chumash, kizh, and tongva peoples; the san joaquin valley, california was occupied by the yokuts; tallahassee, florida was occupied by the mvskoke (muscogee/creek); and the antelope valley was occupied by the tataviam and serrano peoples.

for more information, please visit the native lands link listed under the contact tab. 

even before the pandemic started, i began to question the purpose of my work...not only what i was making, but why i was making it, how much i was making, and the amount of resources i was using to achieve my professional + productivity goals. 

a shift has occurred in my career that has driven me to pursue a new and different path. i will always make art; ceramics, installation art, mixed media, etc., but i will learn new practices and techniques to minimize the impact my art making has on the environment. i think about working on a smaller scale, firing to lower temperatures, being aware of how much paper, plastic, and water i use, and learning to purchase from sustainable sources (not sure what that means in ceramics yet).

i have also let go of the idea that i need a studio of my own. there are so many studios out there that already have the equipment needed to fire my work without me having to waste material and money in building one. if/when i begin to teach again, i will also teach future students of these issues and, hopefully, begin a dialogue about a more green/sustainable ceramics practice.

recently, my installations have expanded into fluctuating displays, encompassing a variety of materials and reflecting within its crevices and pockets mementos of my life. it is my hope that among all the clutter of materials, texture, color, and objects, the viewer can find something familiar that resonates within them. for isn't that what we all seek? connectivity; things and/or experiences that we share with other people.  i enjoy making these little landscapes and i also enjoy reinstalling my pieces in various versions and places; like us, these landscapes spread, grow, and overlap. and it is in this overlap where my work comes alive and interacts with the viewer.

embedded within the concepts of my installations are continued ideas of identity, hybridity, survival, duality, politics, culture, society, community, transformation, justice, self awareness, traditions, feminism, individuality, and sustainability.

i stand with all peoples, movements and organizations that are here to better humanity and protect the natural world. i stand with those that suffer injustices, abuse, and discrimination from corrupted, oppressive, hostile, and greedy powers of authority.

we are here to learn from each other, to respect our differences, and celebrate our commonalities.

may you keep yourselves safe during this horrendous pandemic and active during these revolutionary political times.

thank you for taking the time to read this.

equity for all ☀︎