biografía + declaración de arte

i was born and raised in Southern California, United States to immigrant parents from a small village nestled in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. 
moving around constantly when i was growing up eventually rooted in me the need to continue to wander and the significance of seeking nothing but my own company.
as a kid i began, like many others, to draw. i submerged myself in art, movies and, later on, in music. aside from that, i also began cultivating a love for the outdoors, hiking, wandering, and collecting things i found here and there.
it has been quite the struggle to stay focused on just one thing. i think that's why i enjoy ceramics so much; i can explore a variety of aesthetics, approaches and concepts within just the one medium.
i hope to further my exploration outside of ceramics. i have enjoyed working with textiles and fabric in the past and maybe even continue with my joy of creating shadowboxes again.

i am interested in future employment that provides me with a sense of purpose and in making artwork that parallels an environmental and sustainable state of mind.

my work has been shown nationally in places such as the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California, at Fountain Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida, at Birdsong Nature Center in Thomasville, Georgia, at Baltimore Clayworks in Baltimore, Maryland, in La Plaza de la Raza in Los Angeles, California, and at Cocina de Humo Gallery in Puebla, Mexico.

statement of thoughts

i love know, paisajes; the vast and diverse carpets of textural geography that envelop the globe for thousands of miles over. amidst these landscapes are an innumerable amount of layers; those which are composed of tiny objects and components fitting together like a complex and flawless puzzle. i love how smaller items make up bigger things, working together in harmony and how the feel of space changes depending on your position.

we, inevitably, begin to collect these objects, small tokens, souvenirs, and everyday occurrences that accumulate only to be woven together creating our own individual stories; reflections of our condition and survival. over the span of our lives we, hopefully, get to appreciate the expanse of the life lived.

my ceramic work began as one-off snapshots, still-lives of fleeting moments. my aesthetic was very traditional, monotone and restricted when it came to materials but i soon realized that there was more to it than that. my work began to break from the pedestal, jumping to the wall, eventually encompassing a larger space and becoming installation art. my materials also began to evolve alongside the notions of my work and before long i explored presenting raw/unfired clay, site-specific installations, fabric, string, naturally found objects, paper, and other items collected from various places over the years.

currently, my installations have expanded into fluctuating displays, encompassing a variety of materials and reflecting within its crevices and pockets mementos of my life. it is my hope that among all the clutter of materials, texture, color, and objects the viewer can find something familiar that resonates within them. for isn't that what we all seek? connectivity; things and/or experiences that we share with other people.

my work is fed from so many sources and altered by so many interests. embedded within the concepts of my work are continued ideas of identity, hybridity, duality, politics, culture, society, community, justice, self awareness, cultural traditions, feminism, individuality, sustainability, and climate change while always firmly standing against those with narrow minds and unethical/dishonest intentions.

i stand with all peoples, movements and organizations that are here to better humanity and protect the natural world. i stand with those that suffer injustices, abuse, and discrimination from corrupted, oppressive, hostile, and greedy powers of authority.


we are here to learn from each other, to respect our differences and celebrate our commonalities.

may you keep yourselves safe during this horrendous pandemic and active during these revolutionary political times.

thank you for taking the time to read this.

all images and content © 2020 Lourdes Jiménez. all rights reserved.